standard AR/Trust 5.0

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You must be on the most recent version to take advantage of the update. If you’re not sure what version you are on, contact the ComVida Helpdesk.

Financial Management Software – Accounts Receivable & Trust Accounting
We are excited that AR/Trust 5.0 is now in use at several beta test sites. 
This all-new application is targeted for release in early 2016.

For sites currently using our Windows AR/Trust, version 1.2, we’re offering an upgrade path that ensures all of your current and historical data is preserved and available for viewing, analyzing and reporting in the new version.

The upgrade will normally be done in two phases, the first phase will convert your data so that we can review it, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure accuracy is preserved, the second phase will be the final conversion and will include a training session for all users so that the process is as seamless as possible.

Highlights include:

• Updated User Interface – All new data grids with dynamic sorting and filtering options, a re-designed menu system, and more user-friendly options will make managing your data even easier.

• Browser & Tablet Support – ART5.0 is web-based, so it can be accessed with Internet Explorer 10/11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, as well on Apple iPad tablets.

• Client Grouping and Filtering – A new client ‘Type Block’ filter will allow users to view and process information specific to a variety of client groups.

• Client Comments – To facilitate on-line communication, clients can have an unlimited number of dated notes that can be searched and queried.

• Bulk Data Entry – Virtually every table in the application can be used for multi-row adds and updates.

• Client Ledger Improvements – The client ledger will now include open transactions (italicized), each transaction’s batch number for easier cross-reference, and the ability to filter the transaction rows to easily locate specific types of activity.

• Data Integration – Sites that use the ComVida Employee Management System will be able to share limited employee and configuration data with AR/Trust.

• Enhanced Reports – Redesigned reports will provide quick and easy access to client account information from anywhere in the application.