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ComVida EMS – Notifications

Community Living Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln upgraded to ComVida’s EMS 4.2 in June 2014.

In January 2015 we decided to start utilizing the Notification module so our employees could electronically submit their leave requests and booking into training classes through EMS.

With our manual process, the employee would submit a written request and send it to the Scheduler for approval. There were times when it was not practical to contact all employees and there was an unwritten practice that “If you don’t hear from the Scheduler then assume the request is approved.”

This was a problem when paper requests got lost. Staff thought the requests were approved but in reality the Scheduler never received them. Approved requests were entered into EMS and then re-entered on a schedule change request page. It took about 30 minutes to process 10 approved requests.

But now it only takes us less than 5 minutes.

And because the request is already in EMS we have eliminated a whole step!

To start with, we piloted at one location and all of our 12 residential homes are now using the Notification system. At each home we did a live demo and a training session and provided an instruction sheet to guide them through the notification process. We found 45 minutes to an hour was enough time to get this information across. We also showed our staff other features such as Paystubs and T4 access on their Personal Information page.

Our approach to implement the system by each location worked for us because it gave everyone time to learn the new features and to change our business processes as needed. Also, we were able to keep the list of requests and questions to a manageable number.

The feedback has been very positive. Our staff:

• Enjoy that they get quick responses not only in EMS but also through email and now know if the request is approved. And if it is denied there are reasons explaining why.
• Can go back and see what they have booked off and can edit or cancel the request if need be.
• Have 24/7 access to EMS and don’t always have to book off time when they’re on shift.
• Supervisors are automatically included in the notification communication so if the Scheduler is away they are still up to date on any leave requests.

Our next step is to roll out Notifications to our Van Drivers, Supported Independent Living employees as well as our Day Program workers.

We hope to have this done by the end of 2015.

Overall we are pleased with the time (and paper) we are saving with this new great feature ComVida has offered and we can’t wait to utilize the new upgrade options even further.

Lauren Misale
Human Resources Assistant & Scheduler
Community Living Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln
July 2015