standard ComVida Employee Management System

October 2013
ComVida is very pleased to announce that EMS is ready for release. This update focused on several key issues reported by our users.

Specific SPRs include:


  • #1388 – The tool tip showing the assignment note when hovering over an assignment no longer appears
  • #1285 – Assignment List and Employee Statistics report dialogs – “(SNW)” is wrapped in Seniority #1318 – Assignment Delete – Daily & Weekly pages don’t refresh after deleting an assignment
  • #1405 – Hang on page reloading, after changing to the Filter to (None) or after Call Employee is closed on Shifts to be filled
  • #1416 – Call Employee – Shift Date is not set from TBF
  • #1391 – Shift Exchange – defaults in the employee’s HR position when “Keep” is unchecked
  • #1410 – Multiple Change – Refresh the page to show the changes
  • #1422 – Shift Handle – Keep Tasks with Employee not working correctly
  • #1401 – Shifts – in Chrome, clicking Apply and Cancel will save the changes but the Shifts page isn’t refreshed to show the changes
  • #1403 – Shifts – in Chrome, if I get an error saving a shift, won’t be able to save another shift, i.e. keep getting the same error msg
  • #1413 – Shifts – if Hours in Start Time is the only change, then clicking OK won’t save the change
  • #1406 – Modifying the Frequency type or numbers in Shift edit does not save after clicking Generate Coverage
  • #1411 – Task Delete – Daily Tasks page doesn’t refresh after deleting a task #1397 – Task Handle – in Chrome, doesn’t refresh the page to show the changes
  • #1421 – Task Handle – Delete and Change for specific employee doesn’t function as expected
  • #1395 – Task Edit dialog – in Chrome, Occurs and Coverage aren’t shown and therefore can’t add new task or edit coverage
  • #1367 – Tasks Edit – In Chrome, in the Coverage grid when clicking on another page, the Loading message isn’t cleared
  • #1402 – Task edit dialog – in Chrome, clicking Apply and Cancel will save the changes but the Tasks page isn’t refreshed to show the changes


  • #1319 – Reports | Items – Selecting “By Code” without selecting any code will not show a report when View is clicked.
  • #1332 – Report Writer – enlarge the Item/Field box in both Columns and Filters to show more characters in the selected field
  • #1420 – PR – CAFT bank export – add a new Setting for the Item Trace Number field at positions 65-86
  • Human Resources, Security and Enterprise Settings
  • #1390 – Employee Skill Set order by dates
  • #1396 – Security | Security Rights – in Chrome, can’t scroll down the access list #1392 – Enterprise Settings | Type Block Labels – ROM objects are not listed
  • #1407 – General – Adding from a modal dialog called from an empty grid Add button causes reload issue on return