standard CSSEA – Community Social Services Employers Association of BC

2016 Compensation & Employee Turnover Survey
Due date May 31st 2016

extractDid you know that in partnership with CSSEA, ComVida has developed a Payroll Extract?

The extract, which is in use at a number of sites for over a year, has substantially decreased the amount of time and effort it takes to complete the survey manually.

ComVida’s WFIS (Work Force Information System) Payroll Extract is designed to retrieve information from pre-defined fields in EMS and create the survey file that you can electronically upload to the CSSEA database. Some setup work will need to be done before you can begin to use the extract utility.
We need to:

  1. Confirm that the Human Resources fields in your EMS database are properly linked to the CSSEA format and that the data is accurate.
  2. Identify the Payroll Items and Item Summaries to use for reporting the hours and dollars.
  3. Run a series of upgrade scripts to install the CSSEA routines, new fields in HR that are required, the new CSSEA survey page, and the CSSEA report based on your specific data set-up.
  4. Train you on how to use the utility.
CSSEA members have until May 31, 2016 to submit the survey.

So, if you want to make your submission easier by using ComVida’s WFIS Payroll Extract utility then please contact:

To meet the May 31st deadline we ought to begin the process soon.
Let us know if you are interested and we can get started.