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What clients are saying

  • Paul Wheeler, Former Executive Director – Semiahmoo House Society

    “ComVida’s software has been revolutionary, in terms of allowing line supervisors to properly schedule and track staff, to know who’s available where and when…and to make sure they obey collective agreement requirements.”

  • David Katzman, Executive Director – Community Living Wallaceburg

    “We have a much better handle on where our resources are being applied, or when we need to understand those things better…we have a much easier time now using that system to show us where those resources are and perhaps, where they can be applied differently.”

  • Denton Delaney, President, Dengarry Professional Services

    “It was taking 2 staff the better part of 2 full days (+/- 32 hours) to complete payroll with ADP. Now, it takes 1 person 4-6 hours to complete payroll with ComVida’s systems.”

  • Renée Hacquard, CPA, CA Director – Corporate Services Community Living North Bay

    “Comvida has reduced our payroll processing time by over 80%. The automated scheduling component replaces the need to manually input timesheets as was needed in our previous payroll program.

    The web based access makes payroll reviewing and information lookup very easy from virtually anywhere. Comvida also allows users to customize reports for any type of information needed which is useful for budgeting purposes. The helpdesk is readily available to help with any problems or questions during payroll processing.

    We would definitely recommend Comvida for payroll needs!”

  • Ellen Powell, Semiahmoo House Society, 200+ Employees

    “Compared to our previous payroll provider our payroll costs are 53% less using ComVida.”

  • Staf Peeters, Prince George Association for Community Living, 450+ Employees

    “Payroll processing time has been reduced by 80%.

    The system’s capability of keeping track of qualified and unqualified hours for the purpose of reduced Employment Insurance rates is saving us the wages and benefits equivalent to a Full Time employee.”

  • George Hudson, Trimseal Plastics Ltd, 70+ Employees

    “I would highly recommend ComVida software to anyone without hesitation – compared with what we were spending on our previous payroll provider, the money saved each year has been significant.”

  • Donna McInnis, Administrative Services Manager, Community Living Stormont County

    “I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about the exceptional service your HelpDesk has been providing us. Our payroll clerk left for a new opportunity so I have been doing the payroll. And to say that I have been insecure with the system is putting it mildly. Your staff has held my hand through each and every step. I cannot thank her enough.

    She has saved me from 120 angry employees time and time again. I sent an e-mail to the HelpDesk at 9:10ish am EST on December 23rd, 2014 and within minutes she was on the telephone to me. Still in her pj’s and no morning coffee at 6:25 her time, she was helping me out.

    So, if anyone asks, the time difference is not an issue and your HelpDesk staff are extremely patient, kind and very knowledgeable about the whole Comvida system.”

  • Meinhardt Hoffert, Hofferts’ Financial Services

    “ComVida’s financial software provides ease of running multiple organizations and funds within the same trial balance, and the custom report feature is fantastic.”

  • Kathy Lamb, Andrew Butler and Associates

    “As a health care consultant I have had the pleasure of seeing ComVida work with a number of our clients, addressing their specific software needs at each of their respective health care facilities.
    For example, at one client site, the ComVida staff were busy implementing Staff Scheduling and Payroll while negotiations on the collective agreement were still happening and a number of setup changes required; I was impressed with the implementation staffs dedication and responsiveness …. it was a very stressful situation for our client and ComVida did an excellent job.

    At another client site, ComVida was instrumental in making a smooth transition from 3rd party payroll outsourcing to bringing payroll in-house; and providing a proven scheduling product.

    We look forward to working with ComVida at other client sites!”

  • Lauren Misale, Community Living Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln

    “It took about 30 minutes to process 10 schedule change requests but now by using the Notifications functionality it only takes us less than 5 minutes. And because the request is already in EMS we have eliminated a whole step!”

Powerful financial management tools – at your fingertips.

All the features you need in financial management software.

General Ledger

Incredible flexibility allows you to define your chart of accounts your way, including multiple organizations or businesses.ComVida’s General Ledger system includes easy budgeting and unlimited custom financial statements, including prior year comparisons, actual versus budget, period and year-to-date values, which allow you to produce up to the minute financial statements when you need them.

Accounts Receivable

ComVida’s easy-to-use yet powerful Accounts Receivable system is fully customizable, so you decide what gets billed and when.

It gives you a clear picture of receivables, on-screen and through a comprehensive set of reports, with the versatility of being able to track every customer account.

Accounts Payable

Manage your payables for multiple organizations or businesses and multiple bank accounts, with the ability to track supplier activity across all your operations.

ComVida’s flexible reporting and drill-down capability provides the necessary tools you need to analyze and effectively manage all your operations and cash flow.

Trust Accounting

Streamline and improve administrative functions for individualized trust accounts.

ComVida’s Trust Accounting system allows you to provide real-time service to account holders including deposits, withdrawals, receipts and statements.

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