standard Software Tip – T4 and T4A Slips

tipsIt’s time to start thinking about T4 and T4A slips!
A little review now could save many hours and frustration later.

October is a perfect time to generate the T4 summary report and do a pre-T4 balancing. For EMS 4.2 users, instructions on how to print T4 and T4A slips can be found in the Online help:

Click the Help button, select Payroll User Manual and go to Chapter 17 on page 115.

If any adjustments are needed they can be made in the current year.

Some suggestions of things to be looking for:

  • SIN # – update any missing or invalid SINs.
  • No CPP – check if the birth date is correct?
  • Employee address – is the address complete with Postal Code?
  • Tax Province – Update any missing Tax Province codes.
  • Reportable Deductions & Taxable Benefits – make sure the applicable T4 boxes are filled, if not – check the Calculate Period report to investigate.
  • Reconcile your tax account – balance the total amount paid to your accounting records.

And if you need help please contact the