Employee Self Service

Allows employees, if granted, straightforward access:

Employee Info
To view their own basic employee information on-line, such as address, phone, and emails to seeing their skills with effective and expiry dates. Plus, individual employees can be permitted to update their own information. As well, the HR department can decide what other HR information they want to share with their various employees.

Schedule Info
To view their own schedule information on-line, such as a monthly and annual view. In addition they have the ability to update their availability.

Payroll Info
To view their own pay slips or T4’s on-line. Also, they can view their Time Banks information, such as Vacation, Sick and any other banked time accumulated and tracked in Payroll.

Notification Info
To view notifications on-line. HR notifications can be upcoming expiry or renewal dates, and other employee-specific events, such as performance evaluations, courses, or pay status changes. Scheduling notifications can be used to report hours worked, make vacation and leave requests, and notify staff of assignments to be filled.


Empowering Staff

Our software empowers the employee to take control of their personal data at any time, from any place that has access to the internet. It allows them to log in, review and modify their own employment information.

This self service feature also allows employees to make decisions about their HR and Scheduling needs and provides them with a way to communicate those needs to the HR department and their manager.

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timthumbGeorge Hudson, CGA, Controller, Trimseal Plastics Ltd
“I would highly recommend ComVida software to anyone without hesitation for the following reasons and more:
*Compared with what we were spending on our previous payroll provider (“outsourcing”), the money saved each year has been significant.”

timthumb (1)Ellen Powell, CA, Director of Accounting, Semiahmoo House Society  

“Compared to our previous payroll provider our payroll costs are 53% less using ComVida.”

timthumb (2)Staf Peeters, Human Resources Director, AiMHi – Prince George Association for Community Living
“Payroll processing time has been reduced by 80%. The system’s capability of keeping track of qualified and unqualified hours for the purpose of reduced Employment Insurance rates is saving us the wages and benefits equivalent to a Full Time employee.”

timthumb (3)Darlys Carlson McDonald, HR Manager, Bethesda Christian Association

“Switching to ComVida improved our payroll and human resources efficiency to the point of saving us at least 10 hours of clerical support per week, allowing us to do more with less! The training and support has been excellent!”

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