Product Announcements

Learn about our upcoming product direction from Lori Hornidge, our Director of Product Development. Keeping you informed!

ComVida Perspective – September 2023
CVC51 version is here!
For most of the year the development and QA teams have been focused on more exciting features and enhancements for CVC51.  To learn about the what’s new and what’s coming next, see document here.

ComVida Perspective – October 2022
Once again, the year is flying by and we hope you find time to review the many great features included
in the upcoming release of CVC51, This latest version is all about usability and performance! See document here.

ComVida Perspective – February 2022
Happy Lunar New Year!
We are really proud of all the features in the next CVC51 release, especially the new Assignment Approval page in Scheduling, new Pay Rules Setup, and new Background Jobs. See document here.

ComVida Perspective – October 2021
Have you already upgraded to 5.1.14?
If so you can take advantage of the new Leave Management pages available in Self Serve and Scheduling, if not please contact the Helpdesk to schedule an upgrade and/or training session. See document here.

ComVida Perspective – March 2021
Watch out for the pending release of ComVida Mobile!
It’s an all-new app that gives employees access to their schedules any time anywhere using their personal mobile device. ComVida Mobile is part of the CVC51 suite, so it’s available at no extra cost. See document here.

ComVida Perspective – January 2021
Excited to see what 2021 brings?
We are starting a staged release of our new mobile app featuring HR page views, an at-a-glance Monthly Schedule, and a virtual proximity-aware time clock. Don’t hesitate to reach out for information about any of our products and we’d love to hear your ideas too. See document here.

ComVida Perspective – October 2020
CVC51 5.1.13 is a treat and is well underway.
New features include conditional shift change management with ownership tracking, more ‘short codes’ to streamline text messages, and a new HR tool. We are also in the midst of releasing FMS See document here.

ComVida Perspective – September 2020
Version 5.1.12 was released recently.
We are in early release of our updated Financial Management System, including a new Budget Variance page that can be shared with Managers and Department Heads (while limiting their account access), on-the-fly Supplier updates, and a handy Export format. See document here.

ComVida Perspective – June 2020
Work on CVC51 5.1.12 is well underway, with exciting new features, including: a handy new calendar view of Notifications, Vacancy Management options in Shifts to be filled and new Block-booking tools so you can review Overtime in real-time! See document here.

ComVida Perspective – March 2020
The focus of Version 5.1.11 was ‘enhancing work flow audit trail management’ … such as real-time
alerts for Shift Handle changes to Employee Assignments, a complete suite of Payroll Audit reports, and more …See document here.

ComVida Perspective – January 2020 (Special Edition)
Ransomware isn’t just something you read about in the news, it happens … Be prepared with a good backup and recovery plan. See document here.

ComVida Perspective – January 2020
With tax updates loaded, and year-end procedures done it’s a great time to check out our new PIER Check tool! It’s a great way to double-check both employee deductions and employer contributions, especially this time of year. See document here.

And check out our new video series, in our Learning Centre.