Industry Solutions

ComVida dramatically reduces the amount of time and stress normally associated with essential assignments, from scheduling employees to running payroll and managing benefit programs, even for companies with thousands of employees and complicated rules.

“Based on single source data entry for all modules, ComVida frees clients from having to rely on a patchwork of disconnected spreadsheets that are at constant risk of errors, time-consuming to maintain and unable to provide a proper audit trail.”

Health Care Providers


Get the financial, budgeting and forecasting information health providers need to streamline operations, manage costs and improve resident and patient care.

With ComVida, you can manage the often-complex needs of a large pool of employee professionals with varying skills and certifications.

Manufacturers and Distributors

manufacturersManufacturers and Distributors must manage people, processes, materials, finances, and the shop floor.

We have a solution that will meet your needs, from plastics to mattress manufacturers, from convenience food to personal care product distributors, and everything in between.

Hospitality & Travel

hospitalityManagers and executives in the hospitality industry—hotels, restaurants, resorts, and tourism—face the challenge of thin margins and limited IT resources.

ComVida will make sure you have easy-to-use, accurate, real-time employee financial information in order to effectively manage your operations by property, location, and department.

Social Service Providers

community-livingIf you’re seeking better employee management software to handle your varied needs within community living and community service programs, ComVida has a solution for you.

Our solutions have been designed specifically to make your organization more efficient and more productive, regardless of your size and services.

First Nations


ComVida has a fully integrated employee management solution to manage all your community staffing & payroll needs, from your health care and social service programs to education, emergency response and economic developments.

We can help your group automate and streamline your various operations.


govtCompliance is an ongoing burden for government organizations. Detailed cost information is necessary at the contract, project, and task level.

ComVida will make it easy for you to be more effective at planning and budgeting, controlling costs, overseeing performance, and reporting your financial condition.