ComVida’s partners bring important capabilities that are key to delivering complete enterprise solutions to our customers. At the core of the ComVida philosophy are customer service and satisfaction, and our partner community is critical in the achievement of our goals.

We select partners that share our focus on customer success and have a demonstrated track record for delivering consistent results. Our goal isn’t to have the most partners; our goal is to have the most satisfied customers. The success of our partner program is measured by our customer’s success.

Our partners have learned that it’s our people that make the difference in their business. Whether you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller, a consultant, or even working with us on a referral basis, we are interested in hearing from you!

Strategic Partners

ComVida’s strategic partners include industry leaders that have made a significant investment in ComVida’s success. They typically provide a broad range of SaaS products, technology or services to deliver value for global organizations.

When you partner with ComVida, you can expect:

Some of the best margins in the industry

First class phone support and training

One-on-one attention

Goal setting with our seasoned sales staff

Marketing, pre-sale, and technical assistance

Sales Opportunities

Grow Your Business as a ComVida Reseller

The ComVida reseller program authorizes your business to become a software reseller and directly sell our products. As a reseller partner, you will be given authorization to resell our ERP solutions that cover both our Employee Management Software & Financial Management Software, which feature cutting edge applications for businesses and organizations in all industries and of all sizes. You will also get marketing assistance, training and phone support, fantastic reseller margins, and more.

Contact us and join our successful reseller channel today.