Over the last 9 years ComVida’s suite of Employee Management Software have greatly benefited AiMHi – Prince George Association for Community Living in the areas of human resources data collection and maintenance, shift scheduling and payroll accuracy. Payroll processing time has been reduced by 80%. The system’s capability of keeping track of qualified and unqualified hours for the purpose of reduced Employment Insurance rates is saving us the wages and benefits equivalent to a Full Time employee.

The clients we serve have really benefited as they receive more direct care time based on efficiencies gained through:

  • better matching of employee abilities to client needs,
  • more consistency in services provided,
  • less interruption in service delivery, and
  • a lot less employee time spent on timesheet tracking.

ComVida’s Helpdesk has provided timely and expert support every time AiMHi asked for assistance in using and or customizing the applications.

Staf Peeters, Human Resources Director, AiMHi – Prince George Association for Community Living