Reports, Extracts & Interfaces

graphics, calculator, pen, tablet and financial documents
“Why do I have to manually enter payroll information into our non-ComVida GL?” “I spend so much time creating the same reports every month it’s really annoying and time consuming.”
“Isn’t there a better way?”
Yes, there is!

ComVida has many optional tools & extracts available to support electronic submission and reporting to 3rd party agencies such as:
• Community Social Services Employers’ Association Workforce Information System (CSSEA – WFIS)
• Health Sector Compensation Information System (HSCIS)
• Health Benefit Trust (HBT)
• Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
• General ledger systems

Call the ComVida Helpdesk for more information on these tools and extracts.
If you have an idea on how we may be able to assist your organization around an electronic report – just let us know and we will look into it.