ComVida ONE Payroll Software

Payroll management involves much more than simply issuing checks to your employees. Handling employee benefits and other deductions, compliance, tax reporting and filing and workers' comp issues, are only a few of the labor intensive manual tasks that can eat up your staff's valuable time.

What's the best solution?

Simplifying HR, payroll, time and attendance, benefits, talent management and compliance, with an integrated software solution so you can focus on your business.

From mid-size companies to large enterprises, ComVida ONE Payroll Software provides payroll solutions for Canadian businesses all from one integrated efficient system.

Check out our infographic for a quick overview:


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Payroll & Benefits Coordinator South Peace Community Resources


Here’s what Susan Arseniuk, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, South Peace Community Resources had to say about our CSSEA extract:


We purchased the CSSEA extract a couple of years ago. The first year we did not save a lot of time as there was some work involved to get the extract set up and the fields populated. The second year we ran the extract, we saved between 21-28 hours with ComVida than if we had completed the CSSEA report by hand. It was well worth it!

To anyone who does not have the CSSEA extract I highly recommend it!!!

ComVida ONE Staff Scheduling

One of the many important tasks of a supervisor or manager is the scheduling of staff. After all, you can't get the job done without workers.

When there are many employees to deal with and consideration to be given for leave requests, regulatory requirements and forecasting, there can be confusion which can often lead to the loss of time and money.

ComVida ONE Staff Scheduling can help avoid these types of errors and save valuable company resources while keeping your staff happy.

Check out our infographic for a quick overview:

ComVida Scheduling Software

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Semiahmoo House Society - Stephanie Green, Director Human Resources


Here’s what Stephanie Green, Director Human Resources, Semiahmoo House Society had to say about our CSSEA extract:


We are quite happy with our CSSEA extract. It required some initial set up work and time to check to make sure the information that is being drawn out is accurate. And now that it is configured, it is very helpful, fast and convenient when we have to provide the information to CSSEA for their reporting requirements.

ComVida was very helpful in helping us do the set up.
The extract is easy to run and simple to send. We appreciate the report CSSEA sends to verify the information is correct.

Testimonial - Simon Fraser Society for Community Living


Here’s what Laurel Bell, Compensation Administrator from Simon Fraser Society for Community Living had to say about the online courses:

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how helpful the Webinar Courses are. I always find something that is made clearer or that I wasn’t aware of. And at the time if I have any other questions regarding the system I take the opportunity of having them answered. They are excellent for refresher courses also. Having the courses through Webinar is very convenient and time saving.

I know I have said this before, but all the people I have dealt with at Helpdesk are extremely helpful and calm (which sometimes I’m not). I hope you continue to run these courses.

Software Tip - Staff Scheduling: Global Shift Coverage

tips-softwareAre you suddenly noticing that the Shift Coverage values on the Daily, Weekly and Shifts to be Filled pages or in some reports are incorrect? Do the number of ‘over scheduled’ and ‘under scheduled’ shifts seem to be out-of-whack? Here’s a possible reason and a way to fix that…

1. Check, and if needed, change the daily Shift Coverage value stored on the Shifts table.
This is the baseline coverage you need for each day of the ‘Frequency.’
The sample below is for a Bi-Weekly cycle.

EMS will compare the daily coverage to the total number of hours scheduled. The daily coverage is calculated by multiplying the number in the coverage slots with the Shift Hours. Shifts that are Over Scheduled or Under Scheduled are highlighted with a green up arrow or a red down arrow on the Daily and Weekly pages.


2. From the Tools drop-down menu, select the ‘Global Shift Coverage’ function.


In ‘Start Date’ enter the date from which the coverage generation should start.
Using today’s date should be fine as you will likely not be scheduling in the past.

By default the ‘Delete Existing Coverage’ field is checked.
Any coverage previously generated from the start date you entered above will be deleted and replaced with the new coverage amounts. Coverage generated prior to the start date will not be affected.

You can choose specific Departments and Shifts or use the ‘All’ default to generate coverage for the whole organization. Click ‘Generate.’
Please note that depending on the size of your organization and the number of shifts in your database the process may take a while to run.

For information about other EMS functions have a look at the online manuals under ‘Help.’


Reports, Extracts & Interfaces

graphics, calculator, pen, tablet and financial documents
“Why do I have to manually enter payroll information into our non-ComVida GL?” “I spend so much time creating the same reports every month it’s really annoying and time consuming.”
“Isn’t there a better way?”
Yes, there is!

ComVida has many optional tools & extracts available to support electronic submission and reporting to 3rd party agencies such as:
• Community Social Services Employers' Association Workforce Information System (CSSEA - WFIS)
• Health Sector Compensation Information System (HSCIS)
• Health Benefit Trust (HBT)
• Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
• General ledger systems

Call the ComVida Helpdesk for more information on these tools and extracts.
If you have an idea on how we may be able to assist your organization around an electronic report - just let us know and we will look into it.

Preventing Employee Burnout

Preventing Employee Burnout

Preventing Employee Burnout
We all know what kind of negative impact burnout has on a company and its employees, and we’ve seen that exhausted disgruntled employee – it’s usually the one that calls in sick frequently, doesn’t perform up to snuff, appears distant and cynical, and eventually throws up their hands and needs to go on sick leave to get things sorted out and rejuvenate.

Many factors can contribute to employee burnout, usually resulting in a combination of exhaustion, inefficiency and cynicism in the employee. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced world, it is more common than ever, and it affects all types of careers and employees.

Many managers and employees aren’t aware of the signs and how to prevent it from happening. The key to prevention is being able to understand burnout, what causes it, the telltale signs of burnout, and gathering some effective tips to preventing it from happening at all.

It would appear that burnout would be caused solely by overworking, but it is much more multidimensional than that. Burnout is actually caused by a combination of factors, usually revolving around employee exhaustion, an inefficiency to do your job, and a cynical perspective of the workplace environment. Exhaustion usually results from the weakening of workplace resources, whether it be emotional or social, and an inability to cope with the job environment.

The cynical employee looks like someone who is disgruntled and seems suddenly distant from the job. As for inefficacy, this is the feeling of diminished personal accomplishments, which results in an employee who simply stops trying. So what causes burnout?

Work Related Causes

Job demands can cause burnout by overloading an employee. Whether it is too much paperwork, too many clients or too many deadlines, the job demands – and not enough people or time to deal with them – can cause burnout. A lack of clarity regarding your role in the job can also cause conflict. For example, if your duties are not clearly outlined, you may end up doing too much. It’s also important to have a clear amount of information regarding your role, so you know exactly what is required of you to do your job.

Lack of resources can also lead to burnout. This includes any policies, monies, information or staff needed to perform effectively. Social support can also fall under this category – or rather, lack of social support. This is especially true when a lack of support is coming from a supervisor as opposed to a co-worker.

Finally, lack of feedback, or no input in decision making, can cause burnout. Feedback is important to fix problems, and employees who feel involved in decision-making processes are less likely to fade away.

Personality Factors

Burnout is higher among people who feel they have no control over themselves, their work environment and the changes that occur around them. They tend to be more defensive, easily susceptible to stress and don’t manage change in the workplace well. Essentially, this co-worker who thinks everything is beyond his or her control is the one that burns out more easily.

Some other factors that border on personality and workplace related reasons for burnout include:

  • A lack of appreciation, recognition or financial reward for hard work/a job well done.
  • No relationship or connection with other staff, resulting in isolation or being ostracized.
  • Inequality in workload or pay, or a sense that those who cheat or slack are being handled ineffectively, or a loss of promotion.

Burnout can be detrimental to the success of a workplace or business. It not only affects the performance of the employees, but also the entire team. Effects such as lowered productivity, withdrawal, absenteeism, conflict reduced commitment and disruption are all effects of burnout.

Preventing Employee Burnout

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid this demise in your employees and business. Many business owners and bosses don’t recognize burnout until its too late, so be conscious of the signs listed above, and take the following measures to help prevent it:

  • Assign tasks and fill positions based on the staff’s strengths and passions. If you give them a job that they feel confident, skilled and useful doing, they will be more likely to enjoy their tasks and stay engaged.
  • Be open and aware to change. If the employee seems unhappy in that position, be open to ideas to stimulate new positions or roles.
  • Allow your employees to spend some time working on a project or task that may not be directly related to their role, but is still relevant to their job. This can stimulate passion and innovation.
  • Be flexible with deadlines and goals, and don’t spread your team so thin that they are overwhelmed with the workload.
  • Ensure everyone knows their role and has the tools to be successful. Essentially, set your people up to succeed, not to fail.
  • Training is key, so your team knows their job and their confidence is high.
  • If you are a manager, be visible and show support to your team. You want to listen to their concerns and address them. A supportive manager always runs a happy team.
  • Get to know your team and show an interest in their lives, their likes and dislikes, and develop a relationship.
  • Implement a health and wellness program, with features such as a discounted or free gym membership, paid mental health days and nutritional support to help people feel their best.
  • Most importantly, ensure that staff feels able to take breaks when needed, and that they are not pressured to work 10+ hours a day. This is a sure-fire way to have employee’s burn right out. It is essential that there be a healthy work-life balance.

Some other keen and unique ways that you can prevent burnout by uniting your team are stocking the staff kitchen with goodies and free coffee or potluck lunches once in a while. Or, consider staff social events, such as pub nights, bowling, or even an annual company softball tournament or picnic. These team building activities make people feel that they belong, as well as that they are cared for by their peers and employees, resulting in a happier work environment!

Burnout is sometimes inevitable in all work environments, whether you own a pet store; you’re an ER doctor, a graphic designer or anything! Stress is a part of life, and it will hit you at some point or another.

As an employer and a colleague, be aware of the signs of burnout, and try to employ the tricks and techniques to prevent it. By identifying what the problems and stressors are in your organization, planning accordingly to deal with burnout, and following through with all employee expectations, you will pave the way to success. And most importantly, try to make your work environment a place where your employees feel happy, important and useful.

Streamline Human Resources Management

Streamline your Human Resources Management

It is important to provide your company’s Human Resource Team with the tools it needs to be productive and efficient. With the high demands of business today, and the ever-changing climate of technology and media, why not move away from the data entry processes of the business and focus more on the human needs of the business? By implementing Human Resource Management software, you will be helping your team’s productivity and your bottom line.

Implementing Human Resource management software can help your team standardize and automate your HR practices in the following key ways:


Using Human Resource Solutions software can be tailored precisely to the parameters of your company, including how many employees you have, their personal information, hourly wages, tenure with the company, scheduling and benefit information, plus more.

Calculate Payroll

Keeping track of your staff schedules and payroll information is at your fingertips with a Human Resource software program. You’ll be able to see all employee shifts, absences and payroll budgeting information all in one place.

Keep track of absences and employee attendance

This is essential for tracking work patterns for specific employees. Further, if any absences are WCB or Health and Safety related, this program will allow you to have this information organized and available for you.

Benefit Administration

It’s great to have software that keeps track of employee benefits, especially when staff experience life events such as marriage or the birth of babies. A HR software program can easily organize and submit records for additions and/or changes to someone’s benefits with a software program such as this.

Training and Recruitment

Employee recruitment and training is a key factor for employee retention. Once a company hires a great employee, you want to ensure that you keep them! Why not implement a HR software program that will align all appropriate and available training courses to each staff member? Or even more, help you to keep track of interviews and hiring for potential new employees.

Aligning strategies between your business and the HR department

Human Resource departments do so much for the people that make up a business, just as it is the people that make that business successful. Therefore, it is so essential that the mission statement of the business is being delivered through the HR department. Aligning the message and unifying everyone will help keep processes running smoothly and set your business up for continued success!

These are just a few of the main ways that a HR software program can improve the overall needs of your business. Implement one today and improve your productivity!

Benefits of scheduling software

The Benefits of Implementing Scheduling Software

In today’s bustling business industry, keeping the scheduling and payroll side of your industry organized is a key factor of productivity. Whether you are a large scale industry or a small home-based business, keeping track of staff schedules, appointments and overall business plans will not only make you feel more organized, but it will free up the valuable asset of TIME to do other more important tasks.

You may ask yourself, within my business, how does one begin to achieve an overall fluidity and organizational know-how in regards to payroll and scheduling?

The answer is to implement a scheduling software program. With a scheduling software program, you will no longer waste time with manual entry methods of timekeeping. Having scheduling software will improve not only your efficiency, time management and man hours, but also as a result, your bottom line.

Here are some key points on how implementing scheduling software can benefit your business:

Efficiently manage your staff schedules, their requests for time off and their hours worked

By electronically placing your staff’s schedules in a program, you can establish routine and organization. Further, scheduling software allows your employees to access, if granted, their shifts and availability information, and to update this information on-line for ease of planning.

Manages comprehensive work rules for groups of employees

Allows you to organize schedule patterns and work guidelines for staff, their shifts, their wages and other factors.

Tracks regulatory requirements by alerting you when there has been a timekeeping or payroll error

This will help you to ensure you are paying your staff for the correct hours worked, thus improving labour costs and efficiency.

Keep track of your appointments and contribute to a more organized schedule

This is handy for those with a full and busy schedule. Managing this schedule is key, and what better way than an electronic assistant to do so?

Minimize labour costs by enabling you to forecast your scheduling and industry needs

A key tool for ensuring your business is staffed with the appropriate manpower during peak seasons.

Customizable for your business needs

Schedule and retain information for as many or as few employees as your staff needs. It also allows for an endless variety of schedule rotations—for employees by organization, department, and team, shift, based on Availability, Seniority, Skill Sets, and Overtime Rules.

Convenient, easy to use and up to date information at your fingertips

Makes your life and business run smoother thanks to ease of function and user-friendly set-up.

Increase your efficiency today with scheduling software!